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Windows to Sky past video and new pieces are popping up on the Internets.
Mostly on Zoom and YouTube.

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Windows to Sky Video

Dear friends got married; they wanted a little simple recording of David Bowie's song from Labyrinth, "As The World Falls Down". Which is really very the song of now.

"Can't Say That You're Lonely" was featured in the indie film "Beautiful Something" so we made a video for it, with like 35 friends. Available on itunes.

We arranged the Haunted Mansion ride music for our official licensed release.

The full ride version is here, but below is our live Molly Malone's performance as heard on "Windows to Sky Sees Ghosts", available at cdbaby, itunes, and amazon.com.

"Dead Man Walking" is a cover we basically just did one time but it's, maybe, my favorite.

Our song "Tomorrow's So Yesterday" was featured in the indie film "Strapped", so we made a video with scenes from the film as a DVD extra.

You can find this song on cdbaby, itunes, and amazon.com.

I had the opportunity to compose a song for Lena Fumi to perform aerials to.

I'm nonbinary/genderqueer, so this is a song about gender role expectations, the kind I've wanted to write for a while!

You can find this song on our bandcamp.

We are eventually putting up video from our appearance at the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Doombuggies Celebration.

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Overture: Forty Pages
Featuring musicians and sounds from our various songs over the years.

Anna Sees Ghosts Annaversary Addition '19
In honor of the Umpteenth Anniversary of this song's birth, a new three-person intimate arrangement was struck. This is a simple recording of how we did it. Available at our Bandcamp page.

No-Good Day (used as the weather in Night Vale, director's cut)
One of a pile of brand new songs. This one was rushed to virtual tape, because Welcome to Night Vale had opened a window to the weather. Available at our Bandcamp page.

Song of the Week
Our old "Song of the Week" random rarity collection on YouTube.  

Naked As We Came
Our three-part-harmony version of the Iron & Wine song. Licensed & available in high quality VBR MP3 on cdbaby, amazon, and itunes.

Tomorrow's So Yesterday (stark version)
The no-harmonies version, as heard in the movie "Strapped". Features guest performers Aeb Byrne and Alpheus Underhill. You can hear the full arrangement and watch the video on the watch page. Available in high quality VBR MP3 on cdbaby, amazon, and itunes.

Grim Grinning Ghosts (live)
As heard on the 2011 album "Windows to Sky Sees Ghosts", available on cdbaby.com. This is our rocking out live to the happiest part of our Haunted Mansion Suite, which is all the music from the entire Disneyland ride.

The Masochism Tango
Our three-part harmony version of Tom Lehrer's clever tango, as performed live at Bawdy Storytelling LA in 2013

Flamenco! Composed for "Dating In With Mannix". (watch)

Existential Blues (live)
An old recording of this Tom "T-Bone" Stankus song.

Lullaby Worth Something
Available in high quality MP3 on cdbaby, amazon, and itunes.

Songs from the albums can be found on the recordings page.
Windows to Sky ("Winds") has been helplessly plagued with music for far too long.

Currently this manifests as a small portable home studio, producing media pieces for radio and streaming sites, youtube, events, live theater and dance performance, and lastly but not at all leastly, Windows to Sky the real-life manifestation of all that aetheric nonsense.

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Look for our mp3s and streaming songs on:
our Bandcamp page,
and amazon.com. :)