Big big exciting newsage!
The DVD of our entire thus-far history is now done!

"Annals of the Souls":
An immersive, interactive, haunted museum of Windows to Sky videos, performances,
and secret miscellany, in a real laser-etched wooden box, with a picture book.

Yes, the box is standard DVD case size and will fit on your shelf!

Exhibits Include . . .

Grim Grinning Ghosts
Tomorrow's So Yesterday
Anna Sees Ghosts
Lullaby Worth Something
Tom Dula: Madness Made Us Wild
F*ck Her Gently
The Masochism Tango
The Road Song
The Rhododendron Song
Feed This to the People
Never Going Home
Looks Good in Drag
. . . and more Songs

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Desert Sin: Medusa and Scylla
Bawdy Storytelling
Tour of the Labyrinth of Jareth with Vamp TV
An Entire Live Episode of "Tales of the Extraordinary"
Behind the Scenes Features

Audio Commentaries by Joseph,
Original Movie Geek Marc Heuck,
Strapped Writer/Director Joseph Graham,
Dixie De La Tour, and Desert Sin

Un-Limited Time Hallowe'en Special: $25
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you will be able to pay by credit card, PayPal, or send us a check.
(Special price includes domestic shipping, or $15 international)
Get in touch via the link and we'll work it out.

Custom boxes built to spec by Lazables

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